Sweet Land of Liberty “Parables of the Seed”

Mark 4: 1-9, 26-32

Happy Father’s Day this Sunday! 

If you had a good father, if you are a good father, if you have good relationships with your children and grandchildren, then Sunday will surely be a great day for you and your family. 

For everyone whose fathers have passed to the heavens, it’s hopefully a day to fondly reminisce.  And, if you have not been blessed to have a good relationship with your father or with a father figure, then Sunday may be a difficult day.

This Father’s Day we will be in the 4th chapter of Mark’s gospel.  We will focus on the Parables of the Seed.  From even the tiniest seed of faith in Christ planted inside us, with ears to listen and eyes to see, comes the blessing of a relationship with Christ in the Sweet Land of Liberty.

Sunday will be another great opportunity to Meet, Serve, and Praise Christ at MSPC.

See you then!

Pastor Dennis